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About Sportunleash

The Problem We solve

95% of children quit sports by age 15 because they never discovered the Sport they had the talent for, which has a devastating impact on a child's life and future in the short and long run. This lack of knowledge results in a child's mediocre performance in Sports and finally giving up in frustration, believing a lie that they do not have a talent for a Sport.

These children also lose out on Sports' vital leadership character development and transformation benefits, which evidence-based research has confirmed is an essential catalyst for tremendous success in work life.

Our Value Proposition

We provide parents and schools with a Sports Talent Report for their children between the ages of 9 and 11, stating the sports each child has talent in so that they can support them as required from an early age.

What the Parents Have to Say

  • Rev. Niroshan Perera (Father)

    "My Son Sarith was SportUnleash tested when he was 11 years of age. The SportUnleash Report was accurate because my Son Sarith..."

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  • Muttiah Muralitharan (Father)
    • SportUnleash Evaluation – August 2014

    • Age – 8 years old (2014)
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  • Mrs. Liyanaga (Mother)

    "My daughter Randi was SportUnleash tested when she was 10. The SportUnleash report said her most preferred Sport was..."

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"No Child Left Behind initiative"
Milestones 2023-2030

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  • No Child is Left Behind

    A child receives a fitness report from famous cricket player Muttaiha Muralitharan

What the Experts Have to Say

  • Dr. David Young
    Melbourne Orthopaedic Group, Australia Orthopaedic Surgeon, Special Area of Interest: Sports Injuries, Hip & Knee Surgery.

    "I find the SportUnleash system consistent with the accepted science and in line with the present belief on how physical attributes…"

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  • Dr. Nishantha Gunasekera
    Consultant Neurosurgeon, specializing in traumatic spinal injuries and Stem Cell therapy.

    "I have evaluated and exhaustively and critically analysed the science, the algorithm, reports and final application possibilities…"

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  • Dav Whatmore
    Australian Cricketer (fmr) and a Cricket World Cup winning coach with expertise in transforming cricketing talent from meritocracy to greatness.

    "I am amazed at the ability of the SportUnleash talent identification system to achieve..."

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