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    95% of children give up Sports by age 15, the world over, with only 2% continuing to pursue a sport. The primary reason why 95% of children give up sports is not because of an important exam or being enticed by computer games or technology, but because those children never discovered which sport they had talent in. 

    This unresolved enigma denies your child from excelling in a sport and steels vital leadership character transformation. Evidence-based research shows that such children enjoy these character benefits when engaged in sports throughout high school, giving them a substantial edge to snatch up the best jobs and enjoy leadership in the workplace.

    The SportUnleash Sports Talent Report solves this enigma for millions of children globally by accurately identifying the Sports talent of all 9 – 11-year olds. The SportUnleash report removes all the guesswork of parents and schools, saving valuable resources and building world-class teams. We believe that no child must be left behind due to their economic state and that it is cruel to withhold such life-transforming knowledge. Therefore, SportUnleash offers every school free of charge an identified sport each child has talent.

    The SportUnleash Global team comprises of SportUnleash country heads who are passionate about sports and are professionally qualified in their areas of expertise required to strengthen and support the SportUnleash offering globally.


    • Appoint SportUnleash Specialist (SUS)

      The quality of the physical test data and the measurements is critical to arriving at the most accurate SportUnleash Sports Talent Report. Therefore, the coaches or sportspersons who conduct the school and individual SportUnleash tests must meet the highest standard of SportUnleash Global to be certified to be a member of the SportUnleash Specialist (SUS) team. To become SUS certified, you must register online by clicking the coaches link, study the material provided on how a SportUnleash test is carried out, and take the online exam. This certification is offered to all free of any charge. However, only SportUnleash Specialists, armed with these credentials, have exclusive authorization to provide the test data and receive SportUnleash Reports.

    • Appoint SportUnleash Specialist (SUS)
    • Appoint SportUnleash Country Heads (SUCH)

      We believe that to best serve the schools and parents of each country, our team of Country Heads must be second to none. With this objective in mind, country heads are carefully selected from those who have a genuine heart to see children succeed in sports and are passionate about seeing their country achieve world-class performances in the sports arena. The Country Head directly coordinates with the schools the SportUnleash tests and manages the SportUnleash Specialist (SUS) team. Please contact the country head directly if you require a SUS to conduct your child’s SportUnleash test.

    • Appoint SportUnleash Country Heads (SUCH)
    • Exclusive Rights Holder of the SportUnleash Sports Talent Report (SUSTR)

      All data from Schools and Individuals globally is received, stored, managed, and used by the SportUnleash Global Office. Additionally, all data is checked for errors and quality and validated before using them to identify each child's sports talent. Once the SportUnleash reports are generated, the school summary report and the individual parent seeking the full report will receive them directly via email. The School Sports Summary Reports are issued free of charge, and the Full SportUnleash Report, of individual children, is issued at a fee.

    • Exclusive Rights Holder of the SportUnleash Sports Talent Report (SUSTR)
    • Research and Development and the Expansion in the List of Sports Tested.

      Rigorous testing of the SportUnleash processes and evaluation of its methodologies are continually confirmed and verified. This helps us issue consistently accurate SportUnleash reports with the highest level of accuracy, year after year. In addition, as the preferred choices of sports vary from country to country, we add new sports to the list we test, thereby identifying the Sports talent of children based on the sports that are relevant to each country and available at each school. 

    • Research and Development and the Expansion in the List of Sports Tested.

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