• Rev. Niroshan Perera & Son Sarith

    "The SportUnleash Report was accurate because my son gradually evolved into the new recommended position in Rugby and significantly, he started soccer a year later and his positions were also similar to that highlighted in the SportUnleash report” - Father

    “I saw my son enjoy playing in the position recommended by the SportUnleash Report, which was Rugby, as a “Center” – Father

    “When I shifted to playing “Center” which the SportUnleash said, I felt very comfortable playing in that position" - Sarith

    “The SportUnleash Report definitely is an indicator. Considering its accuracy, the SportUnleash Report definitely works” - Father

  • Sample sports talent profile report at SportUnleash
  • Mrs. Liyanage & Daughter Randi

    “The SportUnleash report said her most preferred sport and event was the 100 meters and 200 meters"- Mother

    "Everything recommended in the SportUnleash report was well reflected in my daughter’s performance. She had many achievements in her school” - Mother

    “I most certainly enjoyed the sport and mostly, I felt that I have something, that I’m good at” - Randi

    “I definitely would recommend other parents to get the SportUnleash report, because it gives a good idea as to what their child is capable in from a very young age" - Mother

    • Sample sports talent profile report at SportUnleash