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    Welcome Parents! This section of the website is for those Parents who want to have their child SportUleash Evaluated and receive the Full SportUleash Sports Talent Report. Please note your child must be between 9 and 11 for this Evaluation. Please also note you would need to make two types of payments to receive the Full SportUnleash Sports Talent Report.

    • Make Online payment for the Full Sportunleash Sports Talent Report to SportUnleash Global.
    • Pay a fee for the SportUnleash Specialist (SUS) to conduct the Sportunleash Evaluation. This fee is paid directly to the SUS once your child's Evaluation is completed and a confirmation email is received that your child's data was submitted to SportUnleash Global by the SportUnleash Specialist.
    The following are the general steps and guidelines to follow
      • Step 1 - Please register yourself (parent/caregiver) to be able to register your child to be SportUnleash Evaluated by a SportUnleash Specialist (SUS).
      • Step 2 - Please enter the form with details of your child and information on you and your spouse and click submit.
      • Step 3 - Please pay Online using a valid credit card for the Full Sportunleash SportUnleash Sports Talent Report.
      • Step 4 - Once payment is received, you will receive a confirmation email stating your child's unique SportUnleash Test ID (STID).
      • Step 5 - Search the SportUnleash Specialist (SUS) Directory to select a SUS for your child's SportUnleash Evaluation. Hint - choose a SUS close to your home and within your city.

    If you do not find such a SUS, please email [email protected]

    • Step 6 - Once you identify a SUS, please call them and finalize the Sportunleash Evaluation fee, the date, time, and location to bring the child.
    • Step 7 - Once you have finalized which SUS you will work with, please click on the SUS Directory, the profile of the chosen SUS, enter your child's STID number, and submit. You will receive a confirmation that the chosen SUS has received your child's data.
    • Step 8 - Arrive at the Sportunleash Evaluation location as agreed with SUS. The SUS will complete the Evaluation within 90 minutes.
    • Step 9 – Once the SportUnleash Evaluation is done and the SUS has submitted your child's Evaluation data, you will receive an email confirmation.
    • Step 10 - Pay the SUS the fee agreed upon for the Sportunleash Evaluation conducted.
    • Step 11 - You will receive the Report within seven working days via email.
    • Step 12 - Please keep login credentials to this website safe, as all future Sportunleash Services available to your child can be accessed only by your unique login credentials.
    Preparation of Child for the Evaluation.
    • The last meal should be 3 hours before the Evaluation, and your child should consume no food or snacks after that until the Evaluation is over.
    • Only have the child sip water throughout this period, and no other beverages until the Evaluation is complete.
    • You should dress your child in comfortable Sports attire and wear Sports Shoes to be able to sprint and jump. If a child is more comfortable barefoot, this is also fine.
    • You should also dress your child appropriately based on the weather and environment.

    * Only a SportUnleash Specialist (SUS) listed on the directory can evaluate your child and send the required data to provide your Child's Full SportUnleash Sports Talent Report.

    ** Please strictly follow the above protocol to avoid trickery and fraud.

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