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    Only a SportUnleash Specialist (SUS) can test your child and send the required data to provide your Child’s SportUnleash Report. First, please register your child and make payment. Once payment has been made, please refer to the SUS Directory to identify a SUS living closest to you to test your child or contact the country head. 

What the Experts Have to Say

  • Dr. David Young

    Melbourne Orthopaedic Group, Australia Orthopaedic Surgeon, Special Area of Interest: Sports Injuries, Hip & Knee Surgery.

    I find the SportUnleash system consistent with the accepted science and in line with the present belief on how physical attributes express themselves when under stress of a sport…Those who get SportUnleash tested would even experience minimum injuries taking place in the long run as their natural physical makeup would match and will be able to withstand the physical demands of their chosen sport.

  • Dr. Nishantha Gunasekera

    Consultant Neurosurgeon, specializing in traumatic spinal injuries and Stem Cell therapy.

    I have evaluated and exhaustively and critically analysed the science, the algorithm, reports and final application possibilities of the above system…. I have found it to be sound scientifically and robust in application. The inventor has applied all possible mechanisms to minimize any discrepancies that may arise in analyzing biological and anthropometric data, considering the vast variability that are inherent in biological systems

  • Dav Whatmore

    Australian Cricketer (fmr) and a Cricket World Cup winning coach with expertise in transforming cricketing talent from meritocracy to greatness.

    I am amazed at the ability of the SportUnleash talent identification system to achieve accurate results each and every time and I congratulate the inventor. If most of the parents of the emerging countries get their 9- 11 year olds SportUnleash tested to identify the sports gifting of their children, then it is going to be only a matter of time before the emerging countries catch up to the developed world’s sporting powers.

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