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  • Become A SportUnleash Specialist (SUS)

    Welcome, Coaches and Sports enthusiasts! This website section is for those who want to be SportUnleash Specialist Certified. This certification is offered to you Free Of Charge (FOC).

    Once you become a SportUnleash Specialist (SUS), you can authorize the data collected by Schools and independently SportUnleash Evaluate Children at a fee and submit their data to receive the Full SportUnleash Sports Talent Report.

    Once you become SUS certified, you can build your Profile with photos and certificates. Your information will populate the SportUnleash Directory for parents to contact you to SportUnleash, Evaluate their child, or train them.

    Please follow the steps below to become certified as a SportUnleash Specialist (SUS).

    • Step 1 - Register yourself below and receive your private login credentials.
    • Step 2 - update your Profile with Photos and certificates.
    • Step 3 - Study the material provided.
    • Step 4 - Take the MCQ SportUnleash Theory Exam. You will complete answering 30 questions within 45 minutes. The passing grade is 80%, or getting 24 correct answers.

    *You may take the SportUnleash Specialists Certification Theory Exam twice. If you fail both times, you can retake the test only 60 days later.

    • Step 5 - When you pass the Theory Exam, you will receive a SUS Membership digital Card confirming you are a qualified SportUnleash Specialist pending the completion of the Practical Exam. Your Profile will then be activated by SportUnelash Global and automatically placed in the SportUnleash Directory.
    • Step 6 - Once you successfully SportUnleash Evaluated 5 Children, and they have received their Full SportUnleash Reports, you have passed the Practical part of your certification Exam. You will receive your Digital SportUnleash Certificate, which you may display in your Profile. You must complete the Practical part of this Exam within three months of completing your theory part.
    • Step 7 - Parents who want their child SportUnleash Evaluated will contact you by phone and agree on your fees for the test.
    • Step 8 - Once Parents agree with you on your fees, they will enter your Profile through the Directory, click your Profile, enter their Child's References Number, and Submit.
    • Step 9 - Once you access that child's information, you will enter all the Evaluation Data on their child and submit the data.
    • Step 10 - A confirmation email will reach the parent and you once we have received your data. At this point, you may collect your fee for the Evaluation.

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