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Frequently Asked Questions

How We Can Help

  • 1. How do I find a SportUnleash Specialist (SUS) to test my child?

    Please search on the SUS Directory for a coach near you. Failing with please get in touch with the Country Head’s office.

  • 2. Do I first pay for the SportUnleash Report before my child is tested?

    Yes. Please register your child by providing the required information, then proceed to payment. Once you complete the payment, a SUS can proceed to SportUnleash test your child. 

  • 3. Do I pay the SUS to conduct the test?

    Yes. You will negotiate with the SUS and agree on a payment to be made for him/her to conduct the SportUnleash test and provide us with your child’s data. 

  • 4. If I want the full Report for my child, even though the school has also tested him?

    The school report only identifies one sport, while the Full Report identifies many. Therefore, to purchase this Report, you would need to click Purchase report and proceed to answer the questions asked.