SportUnleash Reports

The Two Types of SportUnleash Reports to identify at least one sport for a child, SportUnleash provides the “Summary Report” to all ten-year-olds in a school free of charge. However, we also understand that many parents will also want to know the other sports their child has a talent, for which parents may purchase the “SportUnleash Full report” at a fee online. Please find below samples of these two reports.

  • Accelerated Performance

    As your child competes in the SportUnleash suggested sport(s), your child will quickly start to excel, making great strides and becoming one of the best performers in that sport(s) in his/her age group.

  • Develops The Right Attitude

    Competing in a sport at which your child is naturally likely to succeed, will motivate him/her to train harder and be perceived as the best.

  • Protect them from bad company and vices

    Today our children have been enslaved by the world of entertainment with its tentacles taking them captive by way of pornography, violence and addictions. This is eroding our children’s foundations of morality and values. When the child is engaged in his/her sport of gifting, they will be so committed and focused on training and improving their performences, that the gravitational pull of such vices will have little or no effect on them.

  • Avoids Disappointment

    Generally, talent is identified during a child’s end-teens. Unfortunately, by this time, many have lost interest in sports after numerous failures. The few determined children who perceiver have fewer years left in high school to hone their skill, thus in many cases cutting short a possible great sporting career. The SportUnleash report gives you advance notice to avoid the usual disappointments.

  • Keep Your Child Engaged in Sport

    Children get used to the idea that they can be winners. They start to enjoy the wins they get from their hard work, which in turn makes them want to work even harder. On the flip side, they also start to realise the benefits of team work and develop the ability to take winning and losing in their own stride. This is very much a character building process that has a more positive effect on your child.

  • Maximises Your Investment

    The SportUnleash report shows you where to best invest your valuable resources in order for your child to enjoy a sport, thrive and succeed.

Sample Schools Summary Report

  • The following is a sample of a SportUnleash Report issued to a school. We offer this report, free of charge, to every school to help identify the Sports talent of their 10-year-olds for seven years. This report is only issued to the Head of the School, with each child receiving the certificate stating a sport.

    • Basketball & Cricket summery report
    • Football summery report
    • Hockey, Rowing, Rugby & Squash summery report
    • Swimming & Tennis summery report

Sample SportUnleash Talent Report

  • The following is a sample of the Full SportUnleash Report issued to a child. This 20-page report identifies multiple sports your child is talented in, so they may choose a couple based on their interest to pursue. This report is available to be purchased at a fee if the School tested your child or if the SportUnleash test was carried out individually by a SportUnleash Specialist.
    • SportUnleash talent report cover page
    • SportUnleash talent report page 1
    • SportUnleash talent report cover page
    • SportUnleash talent report cover page
    • SportUnleash talent report page 5