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    SportUnleash will partner with schools serious about encouraging their students to participate in the Sport they are gifted in. We will sign an MOU committing for seven years to support your School Sports development program by identifying a sport each ten-year-old has Talent for. The following is the high-level agreement we will have.

    • Agree on all the terms and conditions stated at the MOU and sign it.
    • Within the first three months of a calendar year, the School will conduct the SportUnleash evaluation and provide all required data by uploading them online. In addition, video footage and photographs of the SportUnleash evaluation conducted will be uploaded with the data.
    • SportUnleash will provide your School with the SportUnleash Summary Report of the Sport each of your ten years olds have Talent for and are gifted in. This report will be emailed to the School SportUnleash administrator within 30 days. In addition, individual certificates for each child stating the Sport they are gifted in will also be emailed for distribution.
    • The School commits to placing each child, based on the SportUnleash identified Sport, under the guidance of the coach.
    • The School will then follow up with the coaches monthly on the progress these children are having at training/practices and will do all it can to encourage them to participate actively in the Sport of their gifting.
    • If a child is pursuing a sport they are enjoying, prior to the SportUnleash evaluation, and it is a sport that the SportUnleash program has not revealed, Do Not discourage the child from participating in such a sport. However, include the SportUnleash identified Sport as the second Sport the child would also pursue. SportUnleash believes that, in time, these children will realize that their true gifting is in the SportUnleash-identified Sport rather than the one they are following.
    • Once the School has received the SportUnleash Summary and the certificate, the summary report details are to be shared with the coaches, and the certificates are to be handed to each child for their parents within 14days. This Summary report is provided to each School free of charge.
    • Once each child receives their identified Sport, the School will invite them and their parents for a SportUnleash Sports Nutrition and Maximization of Genetic optional knowledge workshop. This knowledge workshop will be conducted annually, free of charge, by the local SportUnleash team.
    • This MOU with the School is valid for seven years; at the end of this period, either party may opt out of this agreement.

    For the data to be accurate, at least three SportUnleash Specialists (SUS) must confirm that the tests conducted were in keeping with the SportUnleash Global Testing Standards. This would require each School to have its coaches/PT masters SportUnleash Specialist certified by taking the online SUS exam on www.sportunleash.com. This SportUnleash Specialist (SUS) Certification is offered Free of Charge.

    • Step One - Registry your School by filling out the form below.
    • Step Two - Appoint a SportUnleash Administrator and provide them the access credentials to the school account, to manage the dashboard and upload all the data.
    • Step Three - Have a minimum of three coaches take the SportUnleash Certification Exam and pass so that they may authorize the School SportUnleash tests conducted and the data collected.
    • Step Four - Upload data collected on each child on the online School portal and the videos and photographs.

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